October 15, 2003

Fear! Uncertainty! Doubt!

Posted in General at 11:11 am by Ian

CNN reports that the Supreme Court rejected the appeal by the White House to the recent decision allowing states to decide the legality of medical marijuana.

Dr. Andrea Barthwell, deputy director at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy:
[quote]There is a difference between feeling better and actually getting better. There is no scientific evidence that qualifies smoked marijuana to be called medicine.[/quote]

So I guess Aspirin, Advil, Novocaine, Morphine and dozens of other painkillers aren’t considered medicine either, because they just make you feel better.



  1. Nikhil said,

    Marijuana doesn’t just make you feel better.
    It also makes you feel hungry.

  2. Kyle said,

    I think the point is that there are plenty of alternatives for just feeling better already out there that work as well as or better than marajuana, so there’s no need to legalize it.

  3. Ian said,

    Actually, as far as I know, marijuana is much more effective at treating certain diseases (e.g. glaucoma) and at stimulating appetite than many other drugs.

    Same Dr. Barthwell actually pointed out that the pill form of THC is “very effective” but that the plant was bad for you. A proponent of medical marijuana pointed out that that’s like saying that Vitamin C is good, but not to eat oranges.

    The point is that it’s an evil drug (Fear!) and that allowing its use medically will erode society’s will (Uncertainty!) to keep the other stupid and ineffective drug laws on the books. Also, note that the THC pill lines pharmaceutical companies’ pockets, while the plant does not. Not that I’m suggesting anything (Doubt!).

  4. Kyle said,

    Frankly, I don’t really know any facts on the subject. I only remember asking my dad what he thought (being a doctor) about legalizing marajuana and he was of the opinion that there was no need, because there were plenty of other drugs that have essentially the same positive effects without as many negative ones etc.
    Maybe he just meant for most illnesses and there are exceptions etc, whatever, I don’t know.

  5. Ian said,

    I can hardly argue with your Dad’s medical opinion. I’m sure he knows more about it than I do. But to assume that the motivation for keeping marijuana illegal is entirely (or even largely) based on medicine is pretty naive, I think.

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