October 22, 2003

Hey! Look What I Found:

Posted in General at 8:26 pm by Ian

Well, I was going to write something today for the blog (aside from bitching at F&M), but it turns out that I already did. The below is an entry I wrote right before school started about my Aunt Renee and Uncle Ben’s wedding. I had something really cool to write about the speeches given, but it’s been lost to the randomness of my mind.

As most of you know (and those of you who don’t, really, try to
pay attention), I’m down in San Diego at my uncle’s wedding. The
ceremony was today, and it was beautiful. Renee is Jewish, so it was a
Jewish wedding, an event I’d never seen before. I really liked
it. They’ve got all these traditions and they just throw them all in
together and go for it. Luckily there was a cheat sheet included for

I think they’ll be tremendously happy together. Partly because I think they’ve got a good sense of humor about, well, everything.The night before, at the rehearsal dinner, when someone wished them many years of love and happiness together, Renee responded “Oh, we’ve already had that; now we’re getting married.”

Step Cousin In Law.png

At the reception, I spent quite a bit of time dancing with Elizabeth, the only other person at the wedding my age. She is, as near as I can tell, my step-cousin-in-law (Fig 1). She didn’t know the dances I wanted to dance, but learned very quickly, so we danced Cha-cha, Foxtrot, Hustle, and several others. I also danced with my Mom, but because of her broken wing, there’s little that I can actually lead. After we ran into each other a few times, I stuck to a few simple turns.


  1. Liza said,

    I think it’s interesting how no one has anything positive to say about marriage. Was the groom successful in breaking the glass and all?

  2. Ian said,

    I thought it was cute. And yeah. Smashed it right to smithereens, he did.

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