October 23, 2003

A Clarification

Posted in General at 6:26 pm by Ian

This blog received comment spam for the first time this afternoon, which caused me a bit of anger briefly. It’s been deleted, so you won’t find any (and, yes, I am struck by the irony of the fact that people would otherwise be carefully combing through comments so they could find out just how many inches, exactly, they could add to their respective penises. I regret any shock that my outburst may have caused my readers, however, and such outbursts will not be repeated unless those slimy fucktards return.

Also, if anyone has ideas for preventing this kind of thing in the future, please let me know. Obviously having user accounts or hand-screening comments would work, but, really, I’d rather not.



  1. Adam said,

    That’s actually rather brilliant, from a twisted spammer stand point. It must have a bot that scans the HTML for the default MT template (I don’t know how else it would figure out that this was an MT page) and then it knows how to post a comment. The easiest thing I could think of to thwart that would be to add a checkbox on the comments page that says something like “This box must be checked to submit a comment.” Since it’s not standard, a bot wouldn’t look for it. Other than that I don’t know what else you could do (asside from writing regex message filters for comments which would be way more work than it’d be worth.)

  2. Ian said,

    That’s a really good idea. Especially because I could just make it unchecked by default, but everyone who chooses to keep their info in a cookie would only have to click it once.

    Sneaky, like a :ninja:

  3. augie said,

    Feed those little spammers some poison with sugarplum:


    creates infinite random links that keep those bots busy for ever.

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