October 27, 2003

Blog Spam Again

Posted in General at 12:10 pm by Ian

The BBC has an article now, too.



  1. augie said,

    Slashdot has an article as well:

    they also have a link to an older article which provides a link to a MT plugin to thwart those nasty little buggers:

    Blog Comment Spam Removal

    MT plugin .

  2. Ian said,

    Yeah, that’s actually the slashdot article linking to the BBC article 😉

    Here’s a good page on tips to keep blogs spam free. Looks like the best solution, though, is going to be some changes in how MovableType is distributed. Work in some randomized values in the original install and building bots to spam becomes a lot harder.

    Not impossible, though. Looks like it’s time to prepare for another arms race.

  3. Brian said,

    Is there anyway to use block the IP’s of whatever’s running the bot? Or are they randomized or self-reported by the bot…

    Just a thought

  4. Ian said,

    I’m sure that’ll only be a stop gap solution. And, actually, I haven’t gotten any more since the first ones. But if they do come from the same IP again, I’ll definitely block it.

  5. Liza said,


  6. Schwer Log said,

    Blog Spam Again

    If you use Movable Type then you should download and install the MT-Blacklist plugin. We had a few spam comments that I promptly deleted, but this plugin will hopefully stop them before I have to deal with them. Installation and…

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