October 29, 2003

We’re So Generous By Proxy

Posted in General at 3:41 pm by Ian

On Monday when I was in Frary for breakfast, I noticed a sign on the salad bar area that said:

[quote]There is no salad bar this evening. It has been donated to the firefighters and victims of the fire.[/quote]

I wasn’t there for a meal that would actually have a salad bar, so it didn’t affect me at all. However, I’m still not too happy about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that donating to the victims is a nice gesture. Had the option been given, I’d have seriously considered it. But the option wasn’t given. They didn’t ask people to donate meals, they just failed to provide part of it unilaterally. If the administration wanted to make a donation, they have ample funds to do so without taking our spinach. And somehow I doubt that there was enough of a food transportation problem that we would have to give up our food for others to eat.

Now, if you went to a drive through, got and paid for your food, then got home ot find a note where your fries were supposed to be that said:

[quote]Your fries have been donated to cure cancer[/quote]

I’m pretty sure you’d be pissed about it, regardless of your stance toward cancer. The dining hall is the same way. You go in, pay your meal at the door, and then walk into the service area to find that some kind of food that you expected to get isn’t there.




  1. Jonah said,

    Hear hear!

    I seem to remember it being the deli, not the salad bar, though.

  2. Ian said,

    Right. What he said.

  3. Liza said,


  4. Lisa said,

    Oooo! Angry face!
    [makes chortling-to-baby noises]

  5. Lisa said,

    Oooo! Angry face!
    [makes chortling-to-baby noises]

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