November 4, 2003

The Short List

Posted in General at 10:40 pm by Ian

I figured out where I’m going to apply to grad school.

Carnegie Mellon University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Massachusetts at Amhearst
Universtiy of Texas at Austin
University of Washington
UC Santa Cruz

In each case because they do research in artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, which is what I want to do.

I planned to write something witty here, but I got nothing.

Artificial Intelligence! (ba-dum tshh)

I got nothing.

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  1. Liza said,

    Not only are you not witty, you’re also useless as we’ve established earlier today. In other news, the University of Texas has been voted by some publication as having the worst food (according to my brother, who researched the matter…he goes to Berkeley which is voted number 2 for worst food).

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