November 5, 2003

Lisa Is Boring

Posted in General at 6:16 pm by Ian

So, we were talking at dinner, and we decided that, in the 14 years we’ve known her, Lisa Simpson has not said one thing that’s actually funny. She is sometimes sarcastic, sometimes witty or perceptive, but never really funny.

Think about it.


Matrix Trip

Posted in General at 11:07 am by Ian

*** Update ***

Ok, according to Sarra they are now sold out that night. I just went back in, and it doesn’t say anything about that all the way up to actually ordering the ticket. I didn’t go past that because I don’t want to get stuck with an extra one. If you don’t have one yet, get it soon. I know Adam, Katie, Matt, and I have tickets. Anyone else?

Wait. I just tried a different showing (one today), and it said it was sold out as soon as I clicked on it. So I don’t think ours is sold out yet. Way to suck, Sarra.

*** End Update ***

I figure most everyone who would go reads this, so, just so I can have a good idea of who’s going and such, please drop me a line here if you are planning to come see The Matrix Revolutions on Saturday.

That’s the 10 pm showing, Saturday the 8th, in the IMAX theater.

Here’s where you can get tickets. Make sure you get the IMAX one. Everyone’s expected to get his own ticket.

If you have a car, put that down too. Ah, whatever. I already know who has cars. Adam, Sarra, and Becca are all coming, right?