November 9, 2003

Where the Hell Have My Black Socks Gone?!

Posted in General at 2:32 pm by Ian

I used to have six pairs.

Now I’m down to three. Not three pairs, just three. WTF?!



  1. Nikhil said,

    We found some lying around in the lounge.
    They’re still there.
    You should go get them up now.
    Across from the 1-seat chairs.
    To the left of the Easy Mac.
    There ya go.
    Good boy.
    Want a treat?
    How about some cat food?
    Doggie want walkies?

    And, since you’re all probably wondering, I have no idea what inspired that last part.

    No, Ian! Outside! Not on the carpet!

  2. Ian said,


    Now, with the others I found, I’m up to seven! Soon there will be nothing beyond my grasp.

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