November 10, 2003

Not Unless They Paid Me…

Posted in General at 12:04 am by Ian

This is about The Matrix Revolutions, and spares no spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, and read this, it’s your own damn fault.

Many people were lamenting the Matrix after the first sequel was released. I was not one of them. I realized that it wasn’t as good as the original was, but I figured that it wasn’t a complete movie, and that only once the next sequel came along, could we truly judge. Well, I can absolutely say that the new Matrix movie makes the second one so much better… by comparison. It just sucked on so many levels that I don’t know what to say.

The dialogue was corny and stilted, the action dragged or was forced upon us, and I felt myself really not caring for the charaters I used to find so cool.

Sitting in the theater the second time (yes, I went twice; it was for various reasons unavoidable.), when Trinity says:

[quote]Six hours ago I told the Merovingian that I was willing to give anything for you. Do you know what’s changed in the last six hours?[/quote]

And Becca and Adam are both snickering over in their seats: “nothing!
I was forced to hiss at them to shut up. But not because I was mad at them.

Because I was mad at the movie.

But I did see it that second time. And it wasn’t as bad as the first. I found that I enjoyed it much more the second time around, a feeling which lasted nearly forty five minutes after watching it, when I had the following conversation with Kevin:

Me: You know, it really was better on the second viewing. I think I noticed more that worked this time.
Kevin: Did the movie actually fit together better, or was it just that the effects look way better on the IMAX screen?
Me: Well, they actually fit with… you see, on the IMAX screen, you can see more of the thoughtful detail that… uh….

The upside of the whole thing is that I did in fact get paid to go see it. Both Atwood Dorm and Harvey Mudd College sponsored the trip to see The Matrix: Rewarmed, making my $7 ticket cost an adjusted $-2.


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  1. mama said,

    Glad you got to see it. sorry it was so sucky. How do I use the emoticons you displace on this page? Have a wonderful time in Ohio, whereever you are actually going, city I mean. Love to you always, Mama

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