November 13, 2003

All Hail Our Corporate Overlord’s Success!

Posted in General at 2:06 pm by Ian

CNN has a story today about the record-breaking 5-day performance of Matrix: Required. It narrowly edged out LOTR: TTT, or at least it may have.

The article (if you don’t care to read it; it’s not that interesting) talks about how conflicting reports of each film’s opening grosses led to bragging rights for the studios switching from Time Warner to New Line.

We are led to believe that this is somehow important socially among such studios, as though New Line and Warner gather ’round the water cooler and berate each other over the $0.2 million that one movie made over the other.

Of course, this is not true. They actually use memos for this type of communication:

[quote]To: New Line Cinemas
From: Warner Bros. Pictures
Subject: New Gross Numbers!
Body: Ha ha ha, u sU><><0rs. R movie with N30 pwned those little dwarf things this weekend.

Barry Meyer, CEO[/quote]

Then the article goes on to point out that everything that they’ve claimed was “news” so far is in fact, not, with the following point:
[quote]Overall winner: Time Warner, which owns both studios. (It’s also the parent company of CNN.)[/quote]

I’d also note that, until recently, this story had higher billing on than, for example, the story about the removal of Alabama’s Chief Justice Roy Moore from the bench over separation of Church and State issues. I see no conflict of interest here.


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  1. Adam said,

    Conflict of interest? AOL-Time-TheHangingGardensofBabylon-Warner? Never…

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