November 17, 2003

22: Celebration

Posted in General at 12:00 am by Ian

After I got back from ACM, I went to the Swing Jam down at Pomona. The Pomona Jazz Band was playing live music, and a good time was had by all. They even played a birthday dance for me (Thanks, Lisa!), which I turned into a birthday dance for me and Katie, because otherwise I would have been out on the floor all alone. Which is scary. All the girls lined up to dance with me, and were all very polite, dispite the fact that I ran out of different steps to do around the third or fourth and started trying randomish leads that often ended up with us facing different directions with somewhat confused looks on our faces. But that was ok! I just made it look like that was what I wanted to do (I did, right?) and grabbed the next girl. After the girls, a few guys lined up to dance too, and that was fun. Keith is a really good follow. And, then, because the Pomona Jazz Band just kept playing, the girls lined up again, and that was fun, too, except that I started getting a little tired by that point. Eventually, I think the song ended, and I was lightly dragged off the floor into a chair. Tatsu came over to apologize for the length and speed of the song.

“Water.” I replied.

After the dancing, we went over to the Coop to get milkshakes, and then back up to my place for cupcakes (Thanks Peggy!). We watched a few episodes of Mr. Show, and then my suitemates came in to wish me a happy birthday.

AB came in to the left, blocking my exit. The rest came around the other side.

“Hey, Ian,” said Kevin, “we want to show you something. It’s over near the bathroom.”

I made a break to get past AB, but he held me. Ingrate. And then there was the sound of glass hitting other glass, so I decided to cooperate until we passed the TV and the bar, lest we damage things. And then I made another break for the door, but they caught me.

Showering is an interesting tradition, kind of like a yearly baptismal, except that there’s less symbolism involved. Also, babies generally don’t kick as forcefully.



  1. mama said,

    Way to go! Good try. But as we all know and as you announced to me so many times in your early childhood, “Water dries by itself.” You’re going to be okay.
    I LOL at the Water resonse after the dance. been there, have the T shirt. Good for you.
    Love Mama

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