November 19, 2003

The King of Pants!

Posted in General at 8:15 pm by Ian

I seem to be rife with Penny Arcade allusions recently. Anyway.

Yesterday I went shopping for pants, and a shirt. I needed new pants because Mein Tanz-Direktor has ordered that we all dress presentably, even on the plane, even the night that we’re flying from 11 pm PST to 9 am Retarded Time, and have a 3 hour layover in some god-forsaken place in the midwest, and will likely be sleeping in our clothes on the ground. So I needed some pants. I have dressy pants in the form of the bottom half of my suit, but I couldn’t very well wear that the entire weekend, so I wanted some dressy casual pants. My current offerings in that arena are a pair of linen pants that are very comfortable but, because of that, have served as my dance pants for the past several months, and are somewhat worse for the wear. I don’t think that they could be worn as dress pants until I patch up at least some of the holes, and last time I used her sewing machine, Sarra got all snippy.

Thus, pants.

I needed a shirt because we may need to wear a white dress shirt for syllabus events, and I don’t actually have one that I can both wear and breathe simultaneously. I also needed to pick up some socks.

I brought Didi along to impart a woman’s touch, most of which consisted of trying to get me to buy grey wool pants, and rebuffing suggestions that we were a couple.

I did get some nice pants, but I’m finding it disturbing that my sense of what looks good on me is eerily approaching what my Step-Mom would have dressed me in before I stopped letting her do that. And it’s not just me. Didi was encouraging, as was a girl in my Scripps Politics class, MacKenzie (possibly some more capitals in there, or hyphens, see L.A. Story), who said that I looked “Pro” today, which I assume is a compliment. Kids today and their slang.



  1. Adam said,

    “some god-forsaken place in the midwest” == Cincinnati

  2. Ian said,

    Also, on rereading, I should clarify that those were suggestions from the salespeople that she was rebuffing. Not me.

  3. Ian said,

    I stand by my assessment.

  4. Lisa said,

    Dude. You realize how much closer you’re going to be to my house than I will be for another month? But yeah, Cincinnati suxors. Haha. If the Ohio Star Ball were in Michigan, now….

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