December 2, 2003

Ohio Clip

Posted in General at 1:06 pm by Ian

Here’s a small clip of our performance in Ohio.

I’m hoping to have other resolutions available soon, but right now I’m grappling with iMovie, which appears to have no export setting between “Small and Crappy” and “3 gigs per minute.”

For your pleasure: Small and Crappy [25 M]



  1. becca said,

    Is is, indeed, Small and CrappyTM. But you guys look good.

  2. Kevin said,

    Nicely done =D In the words of whoever was filming that, “wooooo!”

  3. Philip said,

    I’m gonna have to drop by sometime and just watch the 3gigs/minute version. The small and crapy just doesn’t look like it’s doing the performance any justice.

  4. Sarra said,

    Very nice! Although it would be nice to be able to tell people apart, other than the vague idea that that “that short guy, the one right there” is probably Adam.

  5. Adam said,

    Hey now…

  6. Ian said,

    Oh, it’s easy to identify Adam. He’s the one who takes a step to the left right at the beginning because he’s not lined up right.


  7. Adam said,

    I… um… kind of lost track of how many steps we’d taken when walking in. And 9-1=8 so I really took just as many as everyone else…

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