December 3, 2003

This Goes to “Two”

Posted in General at 9:24 pm by Ian

Just got a bottle of Kahlúa to make White Russians for the upcoming Big Lebowski party (Dec. 12th, after the dance team does our CMC thingy), and chanced to look on the back.

It has the following directions for making “Kahlúa Straight Up.”

[quote]2 parts Kahlúa. Serve over ice.[/quote]

Apparently just one part wasn’t enough.



  1. Tim said,

    Obviously, you are unclear on what a part is. It is a standardized unit of measure, exactly 4 quarterparts.

  2. Ian said,


  3. Matt said,

    Nor do they know what “straight up” means. Clearly the directions are for “on the rocks.” Kahlua straight up would be shaken with ice and strained into a glass.

  4. Ian said,

    Ah, that’s actually my fault. I misquoted it. It really says: “Serve straight or on the rocks.”

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