December 8, 2003


Posted in General at 9:58 am by Ian

Yet another reason why everyone should be using Firebird: Quicksearches.

Why bother to go all the way to when you can just type

g <searchphrase> in the address bar to search google.

And no need to stop there.
d searches
oed searches the Oxford English Dictionary (when d doesn’t cut it)
z does amazon
e does ebay

and, my newest one:

sp <phrase> uses babblefish to translate my phrase into spanish. For example,

¡Debo realmente trabajar en mi papel de la política en vez de hacer esto!

Now if only I could figure out how to make one work with the IMDb.



  1. Adam said,

    Did anyone else notice that the screenshot of firebird that is part of the logo is from the XP version of firebird and that the browser is currently showing an old version of this page. Nice little anti-microsoft jab by the Mozilla team.

    I’m going to feel more apple-geeky than usual if no one else noticed that…

  2. Ian said,

    I’m pretty sure that I can safely say that you are the only person in the history of the world who’s not actually associated with the Mozilla project and noticed that.

  3. becca said,

    Yea Adam, that was just you.

  4. Jonah said,

    Ah but us lowly Windows users don’t even have to have a web browser open to get all sorts of nifty shortcuts like that. Check out Dave’s Quick Search Taskbar, which I’ve been using for over a year.

  5. Ian said,

    Pfft. Why would you ever close your web browser?

  6. augie said,

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