December 11, 2003

Money-Grubbing Bastards

Posted in General at 1:24 am by Ian

So, apparently the GRE scores are available today. You can call a phone number and get your score reported to you, if, of course, you are willing to pay the $10 fee. Yes. This is ten US Dollars to listen to a computer tell you that your score was “Sev-en-hun-dred-and-for-ty-five, percentile eight-y-sev-en”

I’m pretty sure I’ll wait. It’s not as if my score will magically be better if I call sooner, or that there’s any reason to pay money to get it. Of course, they’re going to gouge me when I get score reports sent out. They send 4 reports with the testing fee, and its $15 per school to get additional ones sent out. Since I didn’t know where they should send reports yet when I took the CS one, I bet they’re going to extort me for $90 just to send the scores on that one out to my six schools.

Fucking ETS!


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  1. Matt said,

    To hell with the ETS! I’m in that same boat with those who didn’t know where they were applying way back when and will soon be paying out the ass for _________ _________ ________(insert favorite curses here) score reports. However, I did end up ponying up the $10 for the phone thing. It’s apparently understood that all the physicists will do that, as I received the following e-mail today:

    Hi Matt,

    I have heard directly or indirectly how people did on the Physics GRE but not about you. Do you know your score?

    John Townsend

    Another $10 down the tube.

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