December 13, 2003


Posted in General at 2:26 am by Ian

Is the sound made by an ice sculpture, liberated from a CMC faculty event, brought to a dancer after-party, and thrown from the balcony (we had Keith standing by to ensure that no one was hurt).

It was cool.

Tonight was our last performance of the semester, so Jon threw an after party for the dance team, most of which did not, to my dissappointment, show. But enough did that we had a roaring good time. We performed for the CMC faculty banquet, on a floor that was probably considerably larger than my bathroom. Jonah and Kay were dancing in a bush! Ask them about it.

When we were leaving, Matt and I noticed that some people were throwing away the ice sculpture they’d had for the party, so when we came back down, we did so with my large duffel in tow. We gathered up the ice and brought it to the party because, after all, as I said several times, “how many parties are you going to go to this season that have an ice sculpture.”

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