December 17, 2003

The Mother Of All Colds

Posted in General at 5:05 pm by Ian

Ok, so I’m sitting in my room, with three layers on, plus a muffler, the heater turned up to max, and drinking hot soup and tea, and I’m strongly considering breaking out the long underwear because I can’t seem to stop shivering.

My American Politics final tonight is just going to be a whole Barrel of Fun™

Virus, take note: Ian will DESTROY YOU!

Editors Note: Situation has been upgraded to flu. Yeah. Just think, if I were a child or elderly, I might be dead by now!



  1. becca said,

    Is that like a Barrel of Monkeys?
    But get better.

  2. Sarra said,

    I love you!

    Hope that makes you feel better. 😦

  3. Lisa said,

    Stay ill, like me. Then we can make out and not worry about getting each other sick.

  4. Ian said,

    If I felt like getting out of bed that would be awfully tempting.

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