December 24, 2003


Posted in General at 3:55 pm by Ian

Originally written Dec. 20

Listen, this may be hard to accept, but here it is:

Your kid is not bilingual.

Unless you’ve otherwise taught him so, your kid is not saying “agua,” at the rain. Really. Do you think that your little genius has somehow distilled the Spanish language out of the aether? Trust me. He hasn’t. Few infants grasp, on their own, the subtleties of linguistics without formal training. I know you think he’s destined for rocket science (when he can get away from the mansion, that is), but are you not, perhaps, setting unreasonable expectations for a child that so lazily favors his tongue that he lapses into romance languages rather than speaking in your own native tongue just to avoid a multitoned polysyllabic word? And such a pedestrian word, too. Were he really so inclined, would he have not chosen precipitación or tormenta instead?



  1. Lisa said,

    You’re weiwd.


  2. Liza said,

    “Agua” is also “water” in Catalan. Maybe the kid is speaking Catalan, not Spanish…mmm?

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