December 25, 2003

Tahoe I

Posted in General at 11:09 pm by Ian

Originally written eastbound on the 80, somewhere between Auburn and Truckee

We left at 8pm on Sunday night, by which I mean we actually left at 9:45. Me, Kyle, Kyle’s brother Danny, and Danny’s friend Scott all piled into Danny’s car and set out for the cabin.

Before we left, Kyle’s Mom, Marilyn was in the kitchen filling some bags with food for the trip. I saw three bags full of chips, cookies, cheeses, and vegetables. And then she had tupperwares full of cookies and fudge and other things. And then there was a Hickory Farms basket with summer sausage and cheese.

The conversation went something like this:
Marilyn: Do you want some of these cookies?
Danny: Yes.
Marily: How about fudge?
Danny: Yes.
Marilyn: Do you want–
Danny: [arms overflowing] Yes. Just, just give it here.

We left the vegetables.

When we got to Scott’s place, there was food ready to go there too, including a pie and a pizza that had to be carefully balanced in the back of the car.

Given that we’re only there for 2 days, I’d conservatively estimate that we’re bringing about 8,000 calories per person per day. And not a green thing in sight.

Except the beer bottles, of course.


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