December 25, 2003

Tahoe II

Posted in General at 11:49 pm by Ian

Originally written in Catalán

The first night, we played a game of Cosmic Encounter after we arrived, which led to us not getting to bed until around 3:30. So when we got up at 8 o’ the clock the next morning, we were a little slow getting started. We made it to the slopes and the weather was beautiful. The sky was overcast, but we were above the fog, so the day was clear and cold.

We went to Sugar Bowl the first day, and Kyle and I skied and snowboarded for the first half of the day, while Danny and Scott hit the bar in the lodge. In the afternoon, Danny joined us, and Scott went off on his own to the beginner slopes.

Danny and Scott wanted to go to Reno that night, but Kyle and I were at best lukewarm at the prospect. Not only do I not care for casinos, we were so exhausted by the time dinner was over that we decided to just hang out at the cabin, a decision that was justified by their return at 5:30 am.

The second day, Kyle and I went to Northstar.My first ride up the chair lift was made to Oingo Boingo’s Weird Science, to which both I and the other person on the lift said: “That takes me back.” Partway up the mountain, the lift stopped for a moment as they sometimes do. A girl in the chair ahead of mine turned around, and called out.
Girl: Knock, knock.
I looked at the guy next to me for a moment, then responded.
Me: Who’s there?
Girl: Woo.
I thought about that for a second.
Me: Woo-Hooo!

When we got to the top of the first run, Kyle stopped to fix his makeup or something, and I started down slowly. He said to meet at Rendezvous (a lift), and I responded that I had no idea where that was, and to follow me.

He didn’t follow, and I didn’t see Rendezvous until I was 100 yards downhill of it, at which point I wasn’t going back.

So I snowboarded the first half of the day on my own, never finding Kyle. I did manage to run into the couple that I’d rode up in the Gondola with on two separate chairs, however. The second time I joked that they must be stalking me, which made them a little nervous. Perhaps it raised the possibility that I might be stalking them.

Through another quirk, we managed to both come in to lunch within 15 seconds of each other, so we skied together for the rest of the day (this time, with a contingency plan for meeting up).



  1. Kyle said,

    For the record, I was tightening my boots….
    my makeup was fine.

    also for the record, Ian spoke the words “follow me” about as loud as necesarry for anyone in a 3 foot radius of him to hear, then proceeded in exactly the wrong direction so I couldn’t see him… he then hid behind a tree…. just so he could tell this story.

    I think I’ll just go now.

  2. Ian said,

    Did I mention that when Kyle went to go down, I saw him stop and look for me. During this time, I was standing in the middle of the run, facing uphill, waving my arms over my head so he would see me.

    He failed to.

  3. Liza said,

    Let us see the original post!

  4. Kevin said,

    That knock knock joke is hillarious =D But I bet it’s even better in Catalán. A lot is lost in translation you know. This rendition probably doesn’t even do it justice.

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