December 29, 2003

A Good Day’s Work

Posted in General at 2:28 pm by Ian

Originally written on the evening of the day I’m talking about. Saturday, I think.

This afternoon I went over to work on the house that Kyle’s Dad and two brothers (Stewart Enterprises) are building out off Highway 12. I also offered to come back and work next weekend, because, as I pointed out, I’m very broke. Bob said that of course I meant that I loved the work. I responded that, yes, I should rephrase.


I’m really broke.

When they bought the property, there was a house (basically a shack) on it. The construction is technically a remodel, because otherwise there’s all sorts of other building codes that come into play. Evidently, what was originally required was to keep at least one wall standing. But they kept removing more and more of the original building, and the building inspector kept telling them that it was enough. Then, finally, the inspector looked at the little rotten piece of junk that was left, and said: “You don’t want to leave that in it, do you?”

So, new house.

When we got there, they were working on putting some walls together, and we swung into what could have been action, except that I didn’t really know what I was doing. The way you make walls, it seems, is you mark the base and the top to show where the studs (K for kingstud, T for trimmer, C for cripple, etc.) go, then lay the whole thing out on the floor, nail it together, and lift it into place (and then, if Brent didn’t check before you started, he comes around and tells you that it has to come down because the markings were wrong :(). The work moved pretty quickly, and it was cool to see how much progress we made. In that one day, we raised about half the walls in the whole house. The only part that was slightly discouraging was when, having spent 10 minutes nailing half of one wall together, Brent comes over with the nail gun and puts the rest of it together in 20 seconds. If we’d had two nail guns, we could have probably finished the whole house that day.


  1. Lisa said,

    You build houses, I sell cancer. We all prostitute ourselves for the almighty dollar.

  2. Kevin said,

    At least you don’t have to do data entry. I’ll take one order of cancer please 😦

  3. Sarra said,

    And some of us spend all break filling out applications for internships so that maybe we’ll get a job this summer that’s not in freakin’ Claremont.

    Oh, btw, Ian, I would totally come over and help build the house if I lived anywhere near you. I love building houses. One of the big things I miss about working Ren Faire. 😦

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