December 30, 2003

Breaking News

Posted in General at 6:36 pm by Ian

This just happened. I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble downtown right now, and have been for a few hours, doing online grad school stuff and listening to music I just happened to glance up out the window as a guy in work clothes and frizzy hair, carrying a partially empty box of coke cans and a newspaper caught my eye. My first impression was that he was a homeless person, which did not change significantly when he came in and started talking to me.

He asked me if it was one of the new powerbooks, but I told him that it was about a year old. He asked if it had a DVD player, and when I told him no, he told me that he wanted one of the ones with a DVD player. He asked me how much it would cost, and I guessed, and how much this one cost, and then he started talking about the wireless service in town.

And, then, just as quickly as that, he wished me a Merry Christmas and departed.

I turned around in shock to talk to the two women at the table behind me who were both grinning at me.

“What the hell just happened there?”
“I saw him leave, and then all of a sudden look in, and I wondered what was going on.”
“Yeah, I saw him too.”
“He was… just a bit too open with his enthusiasm.”

Apple. Everyone wants one.

Think Erratic.



  1. Daniel said,

    Wait, he wished you a Merry Christmas 5 days after it was Christmas?

  2. Liza said,

    Dude, Barnes & Noble attracts the weirdest people. I worked there one summer and this woman approached me and asked me if I was a stand up comedian. I said I wasn’t. Surprised, she said that I should be one. Then there was this other dude who was obsessed with his collection of coca cola ads and told me all about coke, the drink…and then there were many others…

  3. Ian said,

    It’s still, like, the Christmas season.

  4. Ian said,

    And, Liza, when you work places, you get all kinds of random bizarre people coming in. Remind me to tell you sometime about the whack-jobs 😮 I encountered at Sears during my brief stint there.

  5. augie said,

    Oddly enough something similar happened to me when I was down there. Only I had my little Dell laptop running Linux, and the guy didn’t have any Coke cans. :dubious:

  6. Liza said,

    Ian, is “brief stint” a pun?

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