December 30, 2003

Think Retarded

Posted in General at 6:06 pm by Ian

I may have pointed this out before, but screw it.


They do a lot of things right. In many ways, I was an instant convert, realizing that for once my computer could just do what I want it to and look pretty.

But their advertising slogan has always bugged me.

“Think Different.”


Differently, dammit! It’s an adverb. Not enough that people think Mac users are elitist, now they think we don’t care about the rules of grammar!



  1. Liza said,

    That always bugged me too. Maybe what they mean is think of the word “different.” In any case, I think this may be some type of advertising gimmick: Everyone with good grammar will talk about apple computers and their ad and viola, everyone with good grammar will go and buy an apple computer.

  2. Nikhil said,

    Good point, but why would people be thinking about violas, too? I mean, sure, people usually think about violins and cellos, so thinking about violas would be a way of thinking differently. But, really, why not harpsichords? Lutes? Jaw Harps?

    Now, that’d be thinking different.

  3. Liza said,

    Damn. Voila is what I meant, clearly. It’s good to know I can always count on you for comic relief, Nikhil.

  4. becca said,

    No no, the proper response, I believe, is “Shut up, Nikhil.”

  5. Liza said,

    Yeah, that does have a nicer ring to it.

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