January 31, 2004

Dance Dance Narcotics

Posted in General at 4:29 am by Ian

I gave blood today.

Swing dancing doesn’t count as “strenuous activity,” does it?

Funny story, though. I had the green stretchy bandage around my arm while I was dancing, and I happened to be wearing my Dare shirt. One of the girls I danced with asked me if the armband with the shirt was a joke.

“Ha ha,” I thought, when I had to sit down with my head between my legs because my brain needed more blood. What a cool joke that would have been.


It’s Good To Be 22

Posted in General at 4:09 am by Ian

Thursday night, I went for a run with Phil. After that, we went down to the Muddhole for snacks, and played pool for a while. I got to sleep around 1:30, maybe, and then got up at 6:30 for dance practice.

After dance, I had class, then a tour, then making my resume and printing it, then career fair, then robotics.

Then I went to give blood, then to practice for the Smash Bros. tournament.

Then dinner, tournament, and Lindy Binge at Memories until about 1:30.

Now, 4 am, and still going strong.

Saturday Night Fever

Posted in General at 3:46 am by Ian

Watchin’ Saturday Night Fever tonight at 9.

January 30, 2004

Carpet Update

Posted in General at 11:47 am by Ian

F&M got their clean on and now it smells like bubble-gum flavored toothpaste.

I guess it’s an improvement.

January 29, 2004


Posted in General at 5:19 pm by Ian

Since coming back to school the complexity of my life, as measured by the number of keys on my keyring, has increased dramatically. Before this, I had a very simple life with simple needs and a simple ring of keys. Bike, house, garage. And that was all there was, because that’s all there needed to be. I remember being at Leslie’s, and having her, Crissa and Dave all waxing scientific on various key-organizing schemes as they examined their incomprehensible collections. The cacophony of clinking was overwhelming, but I remained serene, fingering my three simple keys and thinking how nice it was to live a simple life.

And, now, in addition to those, I have room, suite, Writing Center, and the newly added elevator keys. I need keys to the elevator because CS clinic has moved up to the second floor of the library, because who needs books, anyways? Or maybe it was so we could have more room, which we do, enough to play football, or paintball. Raytheon vs. NeonGecko. Eat it, lizards. The trick, though, is getting there in the first place. We have to take the elevator up from the basement, which requires a key to get the elevator to come, plus an additional key to get the second floor (which, when the lady gave me that key, she said: “This is the one that’ll give you trouble.”), and then you have to sneak past the monkeys…. All in all, I’ve decided that it’s just not worth it. I’m sure somebody will eventually tell me how clinic is going.

Wet Dorm Room Carpet

Posted in General at 2:52 pm by Ian

This must be what hell smells like.

January 28, 2004

Computer Security

Posted in General at 2:52 pm by Ian

Ok, so I either just guessed the password to my new account on the computer we’re using for Parallel Computing, or…

I’m not even sure.

There Is A Fucking Lake

Posted in General at 6:48 am by Ian

In my suite.


Posted in General at 12:38 am by Ian

I’m reading an article on the state and purpose of marriage (linked to by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, which I was told had some intelligent debate on gay marriage), and I come across the following evidence of the permanence of marriage increasing (50 cent analysis: it turns out that the children of divorce are generally more likely to enter into lasting marriages.

In 1977, 55 percent of American teenagers thought a divorce should be harder to get; in 2001, 75 percent did.


Maybe a marriage should be harder to get.

It’s A Good Thing…

Posted in General at 12:28 am by Ian

I only had three Simpsons episodes to watch. Otherwise I never would have gotten anything done tonight.

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