January 1, 2004

I’m So… Popular!

Posted in General at 8:02 pm by Ian

Ok, so that’s the second random person who has stopped to talk to me about my computer.

I’m reminded of an early review I read of those Segway things in which the author said that, sure it’s a cool way to get around, but more importantly, it’s a license to talk to anybody. I mean, sure, no supermodels have approached me yet, but his guy at least looked like he’d showered today.

It’s a step up!



  1. Daniel said,

    My boss has one of those segways. He was zipping around on it during our Christmas Party a week or so ago. If you watch the 15 minute online saftey video he’ll let employees scoot around the office on it.

  2. Ian said,


    Your boss is, from what little I know of him, very cool.

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