January 2, 2004

Brian Says ‘Hi’

Posted in General at 3:42 pm by Ian

I ran into Brian Wetzel today, and he asked me to say “hi.” More on that in a bit.

When I was in Jr. High and High School, every summer I went to Camp Cazadero, the summer camp that my church runs. I made some great friends, and had wonderful adventures, but this isn’t about that.

When I was a Junior, I think, I was a Counselor in Training for a week with the Kids camp, with kids from 6 to 9. It was a blast, not only with the kids, but also with my fellow CITs and with Brian. Brian was the chaplain for Kids camp. He was a comedian of varying levels of professionalism before he became interested in ministry, and he is one of the most funny people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Just a great sense of timing. An example: One of the things we did with the kid several times was to take them up to the big firebowl in the evenings and sing songs and do skits and such. We CITs were up above it on a large cement slab preparing some skit or other, and the kids were in the bowl singing. Brian had been MCing down below, but came up to help us get ready. Just as he approached our group, the kids let out a huge scream, probably because their leader had told them to get all their loud out of them before we started. It was very loud (If you’ve ever dealt with a seven-year-old, just think how loud a hundred of them could be) and we were startled. Someone wheeled around and asked what was happening.

Without missing a beat, Brian responded: Oh, I gave them a five-pound bag of sugar and told them to split it.

So I saw Brian tonight in the coffee shop, and went over to say hello. We had a nice little chat, and he told me what he’s working on now, and then, as I stood up, he asked me.
Brian: Say “hi” to someone for me.
Me: Ok. Who?
Brian: Oh, just anyone. At work, maybe. Just go up to someone
and say “Brian says hi.” And if they ask “Brian Who?” say “Brian
Wetzel.” And if they still act confused, just, you know.

Here he gave me a hit on the shoulder with a knowing smile, the kind
you’d have on your face when you knew someone was joking.

I tried it tonight, when we were playing poker.
Me: Oh, I ran into Brian Wetzel today; he said to say “hi.”
Kyle: Oh, cool.

Me: I’m waiting for you to ask me who Brian is. You don’t know him.
Kyle: Oh. Uhm…



  1. Liza said,

    Tell him I say “hi” too.

  2. Liza said,

    And “a happy new year.”

  3. Kevin said,

    Tell Brian I haven’t forgotten about that money he owes me…

  4. Liza said,

    If we delete the “B” and “R,” we get “Ian says ‘hi.'” Coincidence?

  5. Ian said,


  6. Kevin said,

    Way to read in between the lines Liza. Hi to you too Ian! Err…I mean, Brkevin says “hi”!

  7. Nikhil said,

    Kevin, you’re brilliant, or at least a bridiot.

  8. Scott said,

    Oh yeah? Well I think this Brian Wetzel guy is a ghost. I never see him. I only get to HEAR about him! Brian, HI. Since you called on Thanksgiving, I’m cutting you some slack(jk); Thanks! How’s Adam? Fred? Jeff? Whenever you’re ready to come down and go sailing with us, call my home up North. I’ve heard you have INCREDIBLE stories.


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