January 4, 2004

Construction: Day Two

Posted in General at 9:40 pm by Ian

Originally written yesterday. And I was just about to post it too, but then I started talking to Lisa on IM, and then Pat came in, and then I had to go to the bathroom, and when I got back, Pat’s friend Sophia had come up to us to introduce Lauren Biller, who I already knew. So we had this somewhat humorous duplicate introductions, and then I put my computer away for a bit. And we just hung out there at A’roma for a few hours, talking and such, until somehow the conversation got around to Reservoir Dogs, which neither of the girls had seen. So I suggested we go watch it. A hop, skip, and a Blockbuster™ later, we were doing so, and it was one of the most disappointing movie experiences ever. Not that the movie was bad. It was awesome, right up to the point where the DVD got so scratched that we couldn’t watch the finale! In the last scene, it started skipping, and then just stopped responding for a few minutes. It started again when the credits started rolling. Both sides were like that, so we couldn’t even watch most of the ending in Fullscreen. So, anyway, this didn’t quite get posted. And would someone please for the love of all that is lovable tell me how Reservoir Dogs ENDS!?

I worked with the Stewarts on the house again today. Danny and Bob and I started at 9, and then Brent showed up with a few guys around 2 or so.

When we got there, the entire floor of the house was covered with a quarter inch of ice. Slick. We managed not to fall, but until we got it scraped off in places, we had to sort of launch ourselves up onto the house from the ground below because when I first put my foot on the board serving as a ramp up to the house, it slid right back off like nobody’s business (That’s right. Nobody’s.)

We finished framing the house today. All the walls are up. They even finished putting all the frames along the top of the house. The way that gets done (pay close attention here, children) is that Brent’s friends who are framers and Danny (who was less steady but seemed to have something to prove) walk around on the tops of the wall frames and hammer more wood along them while I drank a beer and contemplated the wonderful fact that computer scientists very rarely work at altitudes greater than three feet.

At some point in the day, I managed to cut my finger while putting a ledger together. It’s not a big cut, and my hands were numb from the cold, so I didn’t even know I was cut until the blood dripped onto where I was working. I went to ask the guys if they had a first aid kit. Danny thought for a second, then answered: “There’s some duct tape in the shed.”

Wrapping the tape around my finger: that’s when I really felt like a man.



  1. becca said,

    Well come on, you are a man, Ian, such a, you know, manly one. 😎

    And I would tell you how Reservoir Dogs ends, except that I saw it so long ago I don’t remember. And I don’t think that my looking away from the screen for large parts of the movie helped at all. I don’t know, somehow the whole ear thing was just not attracive. That part I do remember. Not all of them die, though, I can tell you that. But you say “neither of the girls had seen” it as if you had?!
    I bet you could make blockbutster give you a refund or something.

  2. Nikhil said,

    Everyone dies. That’s how it ends. They don’t show Mr. Pink dying, but you sure can hear it right before the credits start rolling. I don’t really think any more explanation of the ending does it much justice.

  3. Kevin said,

    Turns out it was all a dream.

  4. becca said,

    Hmm, apparently I remember it less than I thought I did. I would have sworn the last shot is of a couple of them walking off…oh well, I guess I just suck then.

  5. Ian said,

    Becca: I have seen it, but, like you, too long ago to remember specifics.

    Kevin: Ha ha ha ha ha.

  6. Nikhil said,

    I actually saw a movie recently that has an ending that’s almost as bad as “it was all a dream”. I blame the French for the horrendous ending of “Swimming Pool”, mostly because they made the movie, but also because they made fun of my mom.
    I won’t further spoil the ending in case one of you ever sees this movie. I just left the movie thinking “That was a total cop out” They didn’t have to explain anything and probably thought that it made the movie more artistic or something.


  7. the French said,

    Sacre bleu! Nikhil’s mom is le sux0r! Ho ho ho ho (French laugh) >:)

  8. Kevin said,

    Oh mon dieu! This stupid le blog screwed up my evil French face!

  9. Kevin said,

    Err…crap! My cover is blown! *runs*

  10. Ian said,

    Nice url there, Frenchie.

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