January 7, 2004

iThink, Therefore, iAm

Posted in General at 1:26 pm by Ian

Apple came out with the much-rumored mini iPods and, frankly, I’m disappointed.

First, the colors. I don’t like them. At all. What was wrong with white? If I’m getting an iPod, I want it to match my computer. I want it to match the headphones that would match my computer, except that Sony is full of little corporate whores who decided to charge $10 extra for the exact same headphones, just because they’re white, so I didn’t get them to match my computer. But that’s not the point.

Second, and this is the worst part, the price point is all wrong. The minis are $250 and hold 4 gigs. The low end of the standard ones are $300 and hold 15 gigs. I’m not sure what Apple is smoking, here, but I can’t imagine that these are going to sell well. Anyone who can afford to drop a few hundred dollars on an mp3 player can afford to spend $50 more to get almost 4 times the storage! Jobs claimed that the release is meant to compete with the low-end mp3 player market, which is mainly flash memory based players. But, at $250, it’s not only way more expensive than the most expensive flash player, it doesn’t even compete with their own products!

Rumors of the minis had pegged the price at between $100 and $200, and my personal guess was a 2 gig iPod for $150. At that price and capacity, It woulda been in the mail yesterday. And now we see the worst error on Apple’s part, they missed the crucial market demographic of Ian, and he wanted an iPod!

/me pouts.



  1. Adam said,

    I was rather surprised too, with $250 for 4GB and negligible size difference it doesn’t seem like much incentive to get that over the $300 15GB version. I was also expecting something to capture the lower end market, this combination just doesn’t make sense. I mean other than the $50 (which out of a $300 appliance isn’t that much the different colors would be the only reason to get one. I have a hard time imagining they’ll sell. But who knows, maybe getting one in atrocious shiny electric blue is worth the capacity/price hit to Joe (Jane?) Consumer.

  2. Liza said,

    and they’re not even much smaller than the regular ipods…but the ad is fantastic. “mini, the new big thing.”

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