January 8, 2004

News From The North

Posted in General at 10:56 am by Ian

Lisa called me yesterday!

Of course, I wasn’t there. But still, it was just wonderful. Made my day. I must have listened to the message at least ten times.

Oh, and Lisa, on a completely unrelated note, you really want to slow down when you’re giving your phone number to an answering machine.


  1. Stephanie said,

    uuhh… well, im a student in mrs. butler’s first period. you came in and talked to us this morning and told us about your blog thingy. i thought i would check it out and see if it had any info on the ballroom dancing thing, sounded pretty nifty. but anyway, being as i am not very techie, i hope im responding in the right place, and if not, well, im sorry, your gonna have to live with it. so yeah, if you ever have anything coolio to say about your fred astaire tendencies, contact me. thats about it. please excuse the random ramblings of a very bored and frustrated high school student. adios muchacho!

  2. Ian said,

    Howdy Stephanie. Glad you stopped by.

    There is a search box over on the left, and if you search “dance” you’ll probably get everything I’ve ever written about the team.

    Also, “Ohio” is a good one to search for, because it will bring up the series I wrote about the team’s trip to Nationals this year, which I’ve heard is pretty good (I think it’s pretty good, too).

    And somewhere in here is a video of our performance. It’s rather small and crappy quality, but it should give you a general idea.

  3. Lisa said,

    Well, I wasn’t sure if it was really you or not, and so I thought I ought to leave my number, but not make it really easy for whatever random stranger heard the message to stalk me. Only the dedicated friend or stalker could get the number. P-)

  4. Ian said,

    I certainly am a dedicated friend and stalker.

  5. Liza said,

    Perhaps you should have a stalker smiley thingy…

  6. Sarra said,

    Well, you got the “stalker” part right.

    And the “dedicated” part.

  7. Kevin said,

    Your mom’s dedicated to my man stalk!

    Hmm…these “your mom” jokes don’t seem to work quite as well on girls. Any advice Tim?

  8. Nikhil said,

    I imagine the stalker smiley would be a combination of :ninja:, 😎 and P-). The tag would probably be :ian:.
    He’s to stalking as Kleenex is to facial tissues.

  9. Ian said,

    Wow. Those SAT prep flashcards have really been paying off, huh?

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