January 9, 2004

The-One-Before-Alma Mater

Posted in General at 4:11 pm by Ian

I went by my old High School this morning to visit Mrs. Lehman and Mrs. Butler, my favorite teachers (who, now, I’m sure, will be reading this. It’s ok, though. I have to embarass them a little bit, considering they both used the word “legendary” when describing me to their classes. Really)

It was a nice visit, and then I gave a little talk to Mrs. Butler’s class, in which I told them, at her encouraging request, about my website (among other things. I didn’t just stand at the front and blab about this. Really).

So now I’m jazzed. I’ve already had at least one student come, and if even two or three more do, I’ve easily doubled my readership. Sure, one of them will be correcting my spelling, but that’s a small price to pay.


  1. becca said,

    Yea, I went by my high school yesterday at the end of the school day only to discover that they had a minimum day. :doh: So I didn’t get to see anyone. Then I went to Subway (Eat Fresh!) around dinnertime, and ran into two of my high school teachers, one of whom doesn’t even work at my school anymore. roxxor.

  2. Ian said,

    Nice. How serendipitous.

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