January 11, 2004

A Few Short Words

Posted in General at 5:58 pm by Ian

I would like to tell you of one of my Yule gifts.

It is a book, Robinson Crusoe, that I first found a few months
ago when I went with Kyle’s folks to help clear out his Dad’s Mom’s
house. I wrote about it here.

I found this book in a box of toys and things as we
searched for things of use to us. There were books and games and
things that had sat with no use for years. I liked the book, and had
planned to keep it, but then I left it there (oops).

Then, when we returned from our trip to the snow, Kyle’s Mom gave me
the book; she knew that I had liked it. It’s not so much that I care
for the book, it’s that the book is strange. It has only short words
in it. Only words with one syllable, in fact.

You may think it’s not hard to write in such a way. But try it; you
would be wrong.

The book was made for kids to learn to read with, I think, but it’s
aim was not well met. The words have one sound, but some are
hard. Does a kid who needs tales told in small words know how to say
“reign” or “viz.”? I think not.



  1. Kevin said,

    The book title should’ve been Rob Crus

  2. Ian said,

    They didn’t change names in the book. For good reason, too.

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