January 19, 2004

I Am Not Playing Charades Against AB Again

Posted in General at 10:17 am by Ian

So we’re playing Charades tonight, right?

And I come up with this absolutely unstoppable clue for the other team. Like, no one’s going to get this. Who’s even heard of it, I think.

From the following clues:

  • Matt points at AB
  • Matt does the gesture for movie
  • Matt holds up 9 fingers

AB says: The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension

It reminded me of when, back in high school, I used to play hangman with friends, and we’d always guess things like wyvern, phylum or zymurgy in three guesses, because of course the word is going to have a few z’s or something in it! It’s supposed to be hard.


  1. AB said,

    And let’s not forget The Unbearable Lightness of Being :ninja:

  2. Matt said,

    For those not there, the only clue given for that was something crawling around on the ground eating fish, and some pointing I guess.

  3. Matt said,

    This is in stark contrast to their team who, after several minutes of Andrew’s gesturing, crying, and hitting Ian with a pillow, could not come up with the word for a group of cowboys, which, for the record, is just “cowboys,” not “posse.” :doh:

    Other notable highlights were Lisa acting out Hair-Ass-Us-Bra, and Ian’s Ha-_____-Cock. Oh, and Didi’s limitless supply of obscure movies and books.

    All in all, it was a tremendous victory for the Down Low :ninja:’s over the High and Mighty P-)’s.

  4. Ian said,


    Who says you get to be the Ninjas. We were the Ninjas!

  5. Kevin said,

    I predict Lisa will post “For once Ian’s actually right. We are the Kick-Zarathustra P-) s, they are the Icky Yukcy :ninja: s.

  6. Ian said,

    Pfft. That’ll never happen!

  7. Lisa said,

    For once Ian’s actually right. We are the Kick-Zarathustra P-)s, they are the Icky Yucky :ninja:s.

  8. Matt said,

    We clearly got two :ninja: votes for our team name from AB and I. I don’t think the losing team gets any say in who’s who. Furthermore, I think the reference to relative couch position must stay.

  9. becca said,

    Theres two :ninja: votes from my team, though, too.

  10. Sarra said,

    The cooler team gets to be the P-), obviously.

    Decide amongst yourselves which team that would be.

  11. Ian said,

    Actually, given our performance when Andrew was Charading, we should probably be the :doh:s

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