January 20, 2004

Imaginary Time

Posted in General at 11:43 pm by Ian

A few of you have noticed that there is something wonky with the timestamps of these posts. Well, what happened is that my server has been gaining time for the past few weeks. Yes. According to my computer, it was almost fifteen hours further in the future than I thought (which is why I have all those posts about what I did “tonight” coming in at, like 2pm). I considered several methods to fix this and, after vetting some shipping rates to Cambodia, elected to use NTP to keep my time sychronized. At least, I think that’s what it does. If anyone else can figure out that webpage, please let me know.

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  1. augie said,

    Yes, that is what NTP does. You need a client app running on your server and a NTP server to point it at. Preferably one that is close to you, and that has a low stratum level.

    For example time.sonic.net is what I use up here.

    Check http://www.rpmfind.net for ntp packages.

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