January 21, 2004

Bush In 30 Seconds

Posted in General at 12:30 am by Ian

I watched the State of the Union tonight.

I was unimpressed.

But then I watched these advertisements, and I feel much better.

My favorite: If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate

Also, there was a great cartoon where he’s talking, and then, right at the end, he says:
[quote]To summarize:
Terrorist! Terrorist! Terrorist!

God Bless America[/quote]

Yeah. That’s pretty much what I got out of it too.


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  1. becca said,

    I, also, am unimpressed. And rather annoyed by the royal “we” he used throughout, not just when he was talking about the nation as a whole. And I feel like some of the stuff he said just sounded good, but doesn’t actually make any sense. Or was blatantly wrong.
    But those advertisements are great, MoveOn does some good stuff. The standing ovations from half of congress were great, too. Or when half congress just didnt clap at all. *sigh* I don’t like him. 😦

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