January 24, 2004

Truth in Spamvertising

Posted in General at 9:15 pm by Ian

Out of curiosity, I went to one of those online drug places that’s always spamming me. Don’t worry, I didn’t follow the spam link.

The advertisement, both in the spam and on the website has a variety of drugs listed with prices (Viagra $60, Phentermine $50… etc) and the words “as low as” in about the smallest font resolvable with the human eye.

But, once you click on the picture, you get a selection menu that lets you choose from a variety of options, including the ridiculous choice between the 50 mg tablet and the 100mg tablet, which are almost exactly the same price, so why wouldn’t you just buy the big one and cut it in half? But I digress. The end result of these choices, however, results in a cheapest option of $113.50.

Which, even the most jaded among you would be forced to admit, is technically just a smidge over $60.


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