February 2, 2004

Hey Drew

Posted in General at 7:02 pm by Ian

Drew is one of our reclusive frosh. For a while I was stymied by his complete and utter lack of acknoledgement of my presence, but I’ve figured out a much better way to deal with it. Every time I see him, I now say “Hey, Drew.” Everytime he doesn’t verbally acknowledge me in any way, I get a point. The trick, though, is that if he does say something (don’t worry, it only rarely happens), you lose a point. So you have to be careful.

I was up to 4, but he caught me off guard; I’m currently at 3.

I strongly encourage all to join in.



  1. Philip said,

    Can you post a picture so I’ll know what he looks like if I see him?

  2. Ian said,

    No, I don’t think so. That would give you a huge advantage.

  3. Sarra said,

    So which one is Drew?

    The only one of your frosh I know is Frosh, who is variably known as Tim, What’s-his-name, and The Hot One.

  4. Ian said,

    Tim’s not hot!

  5. Lisa said,

    I think Drew’s the red-headed one to whom I say hello when I see him around campus. He usually gives me a weird look and walks on. I think I asked him to dance once at Argentine. He again gave me weird looks all through. Ooh! Can we (Becca, Sarra, Katie, I, etc.) make him Valentines and slip them under his door? Please? With paper doilies and all? Please?

  6. Nikhil said,

    Well, I dont’ thinnk we should leave James out of this. So, I guess I’ll make the valentine for him.

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