February 2, 2004


Posted in General at 10:54 pm by Ian

I think I’m really going to like the Parallel Computing class I’m taking. The first assignment was this. Basically, it says “Here’s some code that multiplies matrices. It runs kinda slow. Make it faster.”

And that’s it. There’re a few things we can’t do, but other than that, anything we can figure out to increase the speed of the operation (It started at a max of 130 MFLOPS; I’m up to 450!).

It’s an interesting project to be sure. The only problem is that the code is, sort of by necessity, a fairly computation-intensive process, which means that it takes about three or four minutes to test the changes. And the changes might be ridiculously small, like moving a single line of code, or changing a single constant value.

So I have lots of free time recently, albeit in three minute blocks.

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  1. Ian said,

    W00t! I got it up to almost 900 by the end.


    What? Somebody had to comment.

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