February 13, 2004

Humor Amongst The Overlords

Posted in General at 11:19 pm by Ian

During my Nemesis interview, I was asked a number of technical questions about how to write code, make circuits, etc. I was also asked how I would go about designing a keyboard for the blind.

I started off about how, essentially, the only thing that should change is that you need some kind of reference so you know where your hands are, especially when you start. I commented that most of the time I don’t actually look at the keys when I’m using the keyboard, just when I start. And then I stopped. Actually, I said, I guess I don’t know where some keys are, and keyboards aren’t completely standard, so sometimes the “~” key is somewhere strange.

“Oh!” interjected my interviewer, “You’re talking about a computer keyboard.”

“Ooh! I, I didn’t even think of that.”

And then we both had a good laugh.

I don’t think I got that job.



  1. Liza said,

    Not with that attitude!

  2. Philip said,

    Don’t feel too alone in your nerdy assumptions. I was thinking about a computer keyboard as well while reading your post. In fact, it took me a few seconds to figure out what other sorts of keyboards there are.

  3. Adam said,

    Is it bad that it took me 30 minutes to realize what the hell you were talking about? I mean a keyboard that doesn’t hook up to a computer? That’s crazy talk!

  4. Nikhil said,

    Only took me a full minute. And, I just woke up. Beat that!! :dubious:
    But really, everything you said works for pretty much any type of keyboard, and counts double for musical keyboards (except the ‘~’ thing, [which I just typed without looking ]).

  5. Philip said,

    You know, what would a blind person do with a computer keyboard anyway? I certainly wouldn’t have much use for one if I didn’t have a monitor. The blind person couldn’t even set it on fire and watch it burn!

  6. Nikhil said,

    Well, a blind person could use a slightly altered text-based OS that reads back certain output in a voice. Maybe.

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