February 26, 2004

Music Schmusic

Posted in General at 12:26 pm by Ian

For my Math, Music, and Whatever class, we had to compose a piece of algorithmically inspired music recently, after reading a very dense article on why Computer Music was (or wasn’t) the culmination of art and (or?) math, but (or and) the musical world had to address (or ignore) the many (or few) issues that such music raises. It was basically Greek to me.

But no matter. Armed with nearly three pages from a Computer Music book about fractal music generation (which is called, in what I determined was not at all an ironic fashion, 1/f noise), I set out to compose my oeuvre. And by “compose,” I mean “change a few random constants in my code, and then recompile,” which I believe is how Beethoven worked as well, except of course that he couldn’t hear his computer beep when he got a compile error. But eventually, all my random work resulted in something I could be proud of turn in.

I have titled my creation: Revenge of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.



  1. Kyle said,

    Sounds like something out of a metroid game…

  2. Ian said,

    Not as much as the earlier stuff did.

  3. Dad said,

    I didn’t like the words, but it had a good beat, and you could really dance to it, so I’ll give it an 83

  4. Dan said,

    i agree with Kyle, it sounds like the music just before you get to Mother Brain.

  5. Nikhil said,

    Not a bad tune. I just hope that doesn’t get stuck in my head next time I’m trying to read something. Good quality recording, too. But, I think you can find a better harpist next time. :doh:

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