February 29, 2004

Just a Taste

Posted in General at 11:08 pm by Ian

I have renewed my efforts to finish the team’s Ohio trip DVD, going so far as to take the step of starting the team’s Ohio trip DVD.

Thus, I figured out how to make Premiere do what I wanted it to do, and will soon have a downloadable (and reasonably sized!) copy of our formation performance available. But this is not that. This is just to whet your appetites.

El Tango de los anillos de cebolla [5 MB].



  1. Adam said,

    oh dear, it’ll be interesting to see what else Jon managed to capture from that trip

  2. tracy said,


    I actually thought it was the tango when i clicked on it…

  3. Matt said,

    “So I met Ballman back in ’79…”

    Yep, there should be some good stuff in store for us. Heh, and Chris is getting his own copy. Good thing a number of us are graduating…

  4. Katie said,

    OK Tracy, you have to admit that your musicality was very good. 😉 And lucky for you all to be graduating! I’m still here for another two years, and from what I heard from Adam today, there’s some rather questionable material in there, and something about me! 😀 I’m a good girl. Really. 😉

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