March 4, 2004

UCSC Says….

Posted in General at 2:45 pm by Ian

They say $23K for me to go there.




  1. Daniel said,


    Is that a good thing or a sarcastic “w00t!”? I have no concept of good prices for college. I’m still pissed over the PG&E bill I just got…

  2. Matt said,

    Way to go! How does USCS stack up against Texas? Did Texas make you as good an offer? I mean, I’d have to get paid quite the pretty penny if they wanted me to hang out in Y’allville, USA for the next 5-6 years of my life.

  3. Lisa said,

    That’s a net difference of $60K! Take it!

  4. Ian said,

    Dan: I wasn’t clear. That’s $23K they pay me to go there. From that I have to pay student costs of ~$7K a year, plus food and housing and such.

    Matt: Haven’t heard from Texas yet on $$
    Lisa: Net difference from what?

  5. Sarra said,

    That’s good! And Santa Cruz is a much more civilized place than Texas, even if they do smoke a lot of pot there. At least they don’t kill people.

  6. Lisa said,

    Well, you’re paying what? $37K a year to attend Mudd? And UCSC will pay you $23K to attend there. Not paying $37K and recieving $23K = net difference in money flow of $60K.

  7. Daniel said,

    WHOA! SO a college will pay you to go to their schoold?!

    Oh, that’s a scholarship, huh? hehe

  8. tracy said,

    I’m sorry.. i know.. the life of a grad student.. they should be paying us at least 35K to be living in cali with the tuition waiver and research assistantship.. sucks to be us (aka those headed for years and years of this)

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