March 5, 2004

Free Magic Online

Posted in General at 10:56 am by Ian

Somebody apparently spilled coffee on the Magic Online servers, and they have to bring up some beta code. So for the next few days, you can draft for free as much as you want.

Good bye, productivity.

Update: Ok, so it turns out that beta code is somewhat limited. There’s much less playing than there is listening to people whine about not being able to play.


  1. Matt said,

    I am still left wondering what they were thinking when they decided to add beta code (and beta code about the feature that has caused the most crashes) to the main server when they release a new set and expect a large amount of traffic. :doh: A mandatory beta test of code that has been remarkably unstable under the guise of an apology is hand-wavey at best. :dubious: You can’t even do what you want for free. You have to test their new feature. Unfortunately, they can get away with because of all the shameless addicts…

    Hah! It’s back up! Off to play.

  2. Katie said,

    Look! I read something! 😉 And I have to say that whining is so much more fun than actually playing a game, I mean really, there are so many things to whine about! You can whine about how you’re not playing, or how that person’s not playing, or who was stupid enough to spill coffee on it in the first place (doesn’t that sound like our dinner conversation? :)) Or, you know, you could just play, I suppose. But whining! It’s great! It’s my favorite pasttime! 😉

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