March 8, 2004

Fun With Fundies

Posted in General at 5:55 pm by Ian

Coming back from robotics today, we noticed several people up on the top of the gentle hill north of academics. One was dressed in robes, and posing very much like Lady Liberty with a largish book thing in one hand and a smallish other thing in the other which was held, at various times, aloft. Another was gripping a cardboard facsimilie of two stone tablets with hebrew characters on them. Finally, there were two gentlemen in normal clothes, one with a handful of flyers, and the other a caretaker for two white horses.

The horses were clad in white blankets. One said “MERCY” on it. I couldn’t read the other one when I first looked, and by the time I got closer, I was otherwise engaged.

AB and I decided to go check it out on the theory that anyone that walks around with horses is worth meandering by. When we got close, we were greeted from afar by horse-guy as pamphlet-guy approached us. He handed us folded pamphlets, and began to talk about their purpose.

They were on a nation-bestriding walk from LA to DC to spread their message. Which had something to do with God. I’m still a little unclear as to the specifics. I was reading the pamphlet while pamphlet-guy talked to AB. He started by saying that God loved individuals, and that he didn’t want to see us led astray.


And then he asked AB whether, if he were a father, he would let his small children wander out in traffic. AB considered this for just slightly longer than was necessary, and then responded “no.” The analogy continued.

Meanwhile, I frantically turned through the pamphlet, looking for some sign of an articulated statement of beliefs. After noting a great many very general biblical quotations, I found a much more concrete and applied statement.

It said that the Disney Corporation was promoting abortion and homosexuality.

At this point I found myself with difficulty maintaining a straight face, so I don’t know how specific it was as to the particular transgressions of Disney. But I really hope that they involve a list of the various animated perversions we snickered over in Jr. High. I wished pamphlet-guy good luck on his trip, and excused myself.

But I’m left wishing I had asked about the horses. Were they doing all the walking across the country? If so, it’s hardly fair to them. I mean, their souls won’t be saved.



  1. Kevin said,

    The other horse had “Lord of Lords” written on it.

  2. Sarra said,

    Horses?? They’re walking across the country with two live horses?

    I hope they’ve made arrangements to feed said horses on said road trip, instead of expecting them to chow down on the park bushes they sleep under at night.

    Oh, btw, I can’t testify as to the “promoting abortion” part of it, but Disneyland was one of the first employers to offer domestic partner benifits to homosexual couples. Hence my attempts to support Disneyland in whatever way possible, despite not actually liking the themepark much and certainly not supporting Disney Corp. in general. Go Disneyland!

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