March 8, 2004

The Mouse Has Guts

Posted in General at 6:04 pm by Ian

In my search for websites on Disney’s alleged homosexual-abortive (two peas in a pod) agenda, I found reasons to Boycott Disney. I dunno, though. With each new transgression, I found myself liking Disney even more.



  1. Adam said,

    “So, Disney enjoys the best of both marketing worlds. On one hand, the company reaps a bonanza from homosexuals. At the same time, Disney keeps American families feeding at their trough with traditional entertainment products, such as animated films and theme parks.”

    Um… so isn’t that basically saying that companies which embrace homosexuals will do much better economicaly? They really aren’t making a very good argument. As much as I diasgree with what they’re saying, there are much “better” arguments than those they put forth. It makes it so much more satisfying (if less amusing) when people you disagree with put some effort into their arguments.

  2. Dan said,

    ALso check out

    And, dude, learn to do target=”_blank” with links. Seriously.

  3. augie said,


    I always just open links up in a new tab. You do use a browser that supports tabs don’t you? :dubious:

  4. Ian said,

    Ha. Just what I said!

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