March 17, 2004

The Poetry of Dwayne Wylie

Posted in General at 9:52 pm by Ian

Kyle and I met Dwayne Wylie on our way down to Santa Monica on Friday night to see the midnight showing of Moulin Rouge at the Mann’s theater on the 3rd St. promenade. He got on the bus near us, and immediatley struck up a conversation with us. Well, he struck up a conversation, anyway, and it ended up being with us, probably because we are not as skilled at the art of minding one’s own business that city dwellers have developed. He was loud, fast-talking, and quite friendly.

He asked me if I went to UCLA, and I said no, that Kyle did, and we started talking, among other things, about the relative merits of an education in Astrophysics and Computer Science, and what one would do to make money in those fields.

He was an aspiring poet, he said, and he had submitted to many publications, but had not yet heard back from them. It was unclear, from the way he talked, if this was a recent thing, or whether it had perhaps been a few years since he had sent out his work. As he talked about different poets and different journals, he produced a folder full of poetry magazines and his own work, and offered us each a piece to read.

After we’d each read them both, he mentioned, in about as casual a manner as he could manage while half-shouting at fantastic speeds, that he sold his poems for $1 apiece. We declined, and handed them back, after which he asked us which ones we preferred, and then offered them as gifts nevertheless.

I told him that, though I wouldn’t pay for it, I could perhaps give him a little exposure, and that if he agreed, I would put the poem he gave me up on my website.

Thus, without further ado, I present to you the poetry of Dwayne Wylie:

[quote]Jesus Drives a Lexus

I saw Jesus and he was driving a Lexus!

It wasn’t a new model, it was older, and it was dirty, and it was black.
Mary Magdelene was sitting passively, demurely, in the passenger seat.

I think there was a dog too.

They were on their way to the grocery store to buy some food for the homeless.
You see, every Tuesday night, they go down to Venice to feed the homeless.

The dog goes too.

They do this only on Tuesdays though. They don’t want to upstage God.
God is very sensitive these days, especially since 9-11. God don’t take no shit.

Sometimes God even curses, and uses the F-word.
But Jesus, his son, does not.[/quote]



  1. Liza said,

    Lexus should use the poem for their ads:
    “A Lexus!”

    • Gussie Berger said,

      Mr. Wylie has a very colorful imagination, and has now turned from writing poetry to painting and drawing in the style of other world class artists.

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