April 1, 2004

Austin: Part II: The Part Before Austin

Posted in General at 2:20 pm by Ian

Note: I decided to do these in a real-timish sense, but exactly one week later. See, because that way it will actually show up on the blog for y’all to see.

Note to self: next time I travel, remove stapler from backpack before going. It was not taken from me, but it did cause me about 20 minutes of delay at each security checkpoint.

All airports look the same, Phoenix’s being no exception. But the planes most certainly do not. First, it was a smallish plane, by which I mean a plane that I couldn’t quite comfortably stand up in. And we had to go out onto the tarmac and then up stairs to get into the plane. Which made me somewhat nervous. Not about the planes or anything, just that I was actually getting on the right one. They made me go through a gate that had a different flight number and destination listed than what I was actually on. And then there were several planes out there, all of which looked identical. I showed my ticket to the guy at the bottom of the stairs, and he directed me towards one of them, but it seemed like he had just barely glanced at my ticket.

My unease lasted until I stepped onto the plane, and spied three Big Hat™s. This plane was obviously headed for Texas.

It turns out that one of the Big Hat’s was sitting next to me, on top of a very Big Man. We shared no conversation during the trip, and he in fact slept most of the way, but I like to think that we have a special bond due to the fact that he let neither the armrest nor standards of propriety keep him from oozing himself into my chair to the point where I thank the Supreme Court that certain things aren’t illegal in Texas anymore.


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  1. mama said,

    LOL about the not legal in Texas any more. Isn’t travel wonderful? I am glad you got home safe.

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