April 1, 2004

Austin: Part III: Matt and Beyond

Posted in General at 7:26 pm by Ian

My host, Matt Taylor, picked me up at the airport, and we began a whirlwind tour of trying to find parking somewhere near U Texas, or his friend’s place, or the restaurant we were trying to eat at. This would become a recurring theme of the weekend.

Eventually, we arrived at a restuarant with a number of other prospective grad students and their scholastic attachs. We were there told that the wait was an hour and a half “if we were lucky.” So it turned out not to matter that we’d gotten a parking space, as we just decided to walk in a direction until we found a place to eat.

A bit later, we found a place that our hosts assured us served good Tex-Mex style cuisine.

And indeed it did. The highlight was this melted cheese and peppers and bean dip thing that they just kept bringing chips for until I was stuffed. And this was before I even got to what I had ordered. Over dinner, we talked about many things. I was sitting next to Harry, who was the main organizer of the visiting students weekend, and who had been pointed out to me by many when I mentioned dancing, because he was taking a class. So we talked about the dance classes offered, which are apparently many and varied.

Highlight of dinner discussion:
Harry: So I took my prospie out for sushi for lunch on the department’s dime. Because when else can I afford sushi? [turns toward me] But most grad students are rich!
Additional Grad Student: Yeah. I drive a Benz.
Grad Student the Third: I drive the Mercedes Benz of ’97 Corollas.



  1. Liza said,

    Is Matt left handed?

  2. Ian said,

    What the hell kind of a question is that?

  3. Liza said,

    I’ve never met a red headed lefty. Although, upon closer examination, Matt’s hair appears to be more blond than red.

  4. Ian said,

    Definitely blonde.

  5. becca said,

    And really, even were he to be both red-headed and left handed, you still won’t have met him. 😛

  6. Adam said,

    your clock is all off again

  7. Ian said,

    No it isn’t. I’m doing that on purpose. It’s off by a week, but these are supposed to be “real-time” posts.

  8. Liza said,

    Becca, you never know. Were he both left-handed and a red head, I may be intrigued enough to *gasp* fly to Texas!

  9. Ian said,

    Ok. Apparently Redhat’s clock was off. Fixed now.

  10. Ian said,

    Dammit. You’re right. My clock is off. Stupid ntp. Work!

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