April 3, 2004

Austin: Part The Last: I’m Bored With This

Posted in General at 9:31 pm by Ian

But I have to tell you about our night out on the town.

After having dinner at a German place with good beer and mediocre food (redundant), we walked and drove downtown to check out the nightlife. We were about 10 blocks away, so some people drove partway there, and others decided it wasn’t worth it, and walked. With driving around to find a place to park, and avoiding the guys that “helpfully” wave you into a public space that anyone with eyes could see and then expect money, I think the drivers beat the walkers by about 2 minutes.

And then we walked down 6th St., past numerous bars with people out in front yelling at you about how cheap their drinks were (They probably meant to say “inexpensive,” but were right nontheless). I had never encountered this before, and was somewhat startled and intrigued by them. Especially the midget.

After wandering for a while, we came to a guy doing spray-paint art. It was amazing. Using just spray-paint, some newspaper, and a few ciruclar disks to mask, he made the most elaborate spacescapes. We watched him make an entire piece in 10 minutes, and I nearly bought it. I now wish that I had.

And then we went into a bar, to have a large number of Flaming Dr Peppers. A Flaming Dr Pepper is beer, with a shot of amaretto and 151 lit on fire and dropped in, then chugged. And it tastes surprisingly like Dr Pepper. But the real reason for drinking it isn’t the taste, it’s the presentation. The bartender set up 9 glasses of beer in a line, and balanced the shots on top (each shot between two glasses). He then upended a double shot glass and poured some 151 in the little divet in the bottom, and lit it on fire. He instructed everyone to stand back at least five feet, took a huge swig of 151, and then blew the largest indoor fireball I’ve ever seen (about 5 feet in diameter) across the whole thing. Then, hitting the last shot glass, they all dominoed into their respective glasses. We rushed forward to grab a glass and drink it. My glass was still on fire when I drank it.

Finally, I just have to point this out. Austin is the live music capital of the world, and I certainly believe it. We passed dozens of live acts in just a few blocks. And they have a traffic lane downtown, a diamond lane. It says (I shit you not):
[quote]Diamond lane: For musician loading and unloading only[/quote]



  1. Matt said,

    Oddly enough, this spectacular work bartending machismo appeared in my dream last night (as you had recounted it to me earlier). I was on the brink of pulling it off, but I couldn’t get the 151 into my mouth fast enough. By the time I accomplished the feat with remarkable dexterity and skill, and a fireball big enough to impress any dragon, everyone had walked off.

  2. Ian said,

    Dude. You failed to impress with liquor? That’s even worse than the dream where you go to class naked.

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