April 8, 2004

Santa Barbara Here I Come!

Posted in General at 8:58 pm by Ian

As all of you who have been in earshot of me since Monday afternoon know, I have accepted a job at Green Hills Software.




  1. Ian said,

    Note: Some of you know my starting salary, which I’ve been rather pleased with. While I’m happy to tell (some of) those who ask, it’s not something I’d like posted on a public website. Hint hint.

  2. Dan said,

    Congrats! When did this happen? Monday I assume…

    Code like a NINJA! :ninja:

  3. Matt said,

    What? You don’t want us to brag for you that you’re starting out at $7.50 an hour? 🙂 It’s certainly a better wage than a grad school stipend, figuring in the hours…

  4. Sarra said,

    Hey! That’s $0.75 more than minimum wage! You’re rolling in it!! 😉

  5. Ian said,

    <Geezer>In my day, minimum wage was called “opportunity.”</Geezer>

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